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Discover the artistry of our Cardinal DIY String Art Kit, a unique blend of creativity and symbolism. Whether you're an avid bird-watcher, seeking a meaningful gift, or simply drawn to the cardinal's vibrant charm, this kit is designed to bring joy and connection.


Why Choose the Cardinal Design?

  • Symbol of Love and Protection: The cardinal is often seen as a symbol of loved ones watching over us. Craft this piece to honour cherished memories and create a visual reminder of their presence.

  • Perfect for Bird Watchers: Ideal for nature enthusiasts and bird-watchers, the cardinal design captures the essence of the great outdoors. Bring the beauty of these winged wonders into your home with this craft.


String art is not just about creating beautiful decor; it's a therapeutic journey. Engage in a calming crafting experience that reduces stress and promotes mindfulness.

These kits are approximately 20x20cm (7.87''x7.87'') and come with:
- Wood (plain pine, perfect for painting yourself to add more fun to this project)
- Design Template
- Nails
- String (red, orange, black, brown)
- Sandpaper (they come pre-sanded, but in case you wanted to round the corners)

- Online video example and written instructions

Recommended for ages 10+ (with varying levels of assistance needed). 

*Colours may appear slightly different than in photo depicted. Wood will have slight variations such as knots and grain.

Cardinal String Art Kit (Large)

PriceFrom C$29.99

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