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Crafting is a journey filled with creativity, nostalgia, and well-being. Our Deer String Art DIY Kit offers a delightful adult crafting experience, bringing the therapeutic benefits of creativity to your fingertips.


As you hammer those nails and weave the strings, you'll find joy in every step with your handmade masterpiece. Embrace the fun of crafting and create something beautiful.


These kits are approximately 14x20cm (5.51''x7.87'') and come with:

- Wood (plain pine, perfect for painting yourself to add more fun to this project)

- Design Template

- Nails

- String (black)

- Sandpaper (they come pre-sanded, but in case you wanted to round the corners)

- Access to online written and video instructions


Recommended for ages 10+ (with varying levels of assistance needed).


*Colours may appear slightly different than in photo depicted. Wood will have slight variations such as knots and different grain.

Deer String Art Kit (Medium)

PriceFrom C$24.99

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