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Meet the Maker, Maddy
Maddy and Delasi

Hey there! I'm Maddy Wassink (next to my partner in c̶r̶i̶m̶e̶ markets, Delasi). I'm the owner + maker behind Knot Really Art, my growing business in Niagara, Ontario.


We're here to make your next craft night one for the books. From DIY Craft Kits to curated workshop experiences, we're focused on the idea that crafting is for everyone. That's right, creativity isn't just for kids (though they love our kits too)!


Knot Really Art was officially established in 2019, but my love for crafting goes back to my childhood. I can't remember a day where I wasn't excited to pull out my colouring books, paint supplies or take a trip to the craft store to get creative. This is something that I've found to be relatable to a lot of you, though many haven't continued this fun and nostalgic energy into adulthood. That's where we come in! Our DIY Kits and workshops make it easy to plan your next craft night.

This business would be nothing without my fellow crafters and creative souls. I am so appreciative of everyone that supports my small business, whether that's interacting on social media (@knotreallyart on Instagram), purchasing my products or referring a friend, it all means so much. Every purchase you make here supports me + my family and causes that are close to my heart and community.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop! Please feel free to message me any questions that you may have.

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